Saturday 14 Oct, 2023

Starting at 9.00am

Microsoft Warsaw

al. Jerozolimskie 195A, Warszawa 02-222

Session Cards

If you already have an idea for a session, you can download a sessions card template here, and come in front of the line. In the templates are spaces for tags, providing more information about your session.

The tag options are:

  • Level – beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Type – workshop, presentation or discussion
  • Focus – technical, analytical or business

Download MeasureCamp Session Card template – PDF Version

We also created an editable version in Google Docs – you can’t edit the template but if you copy it to your drive you will be able to edit.

Please, if you know you are going to run a session, download & print off a copy of your session card – it’s much friendlier to read than a hand-written session card.  In large clear writing – remember that it needs to be readable from the back of a crowd. If you do it on the day and your handwriting is terrible, get a friend to write the card for you.  Use a marker, not a pen!

Once you are done, feel free to take a photo & share on social media. Bring with you so you can stick on the session board as soon as it opens.